CORE Molding Technologies offers the broadest range of composite and engineered plastics materials and processes in the industry. All of our solutions are available to any customer, across every industry we serve. As the CORE brand, we work with each customer as a unified team, to offer our full range of services and capabilities and to meet or exceed your program requirements on every application.

As we have grown through acquisitions, we have acquired additional Brands that we maintain for their legacy value to our customers and other stakeholders. Two of these brands are CPI and Horizon Plastics.

CPI (formerly, Composite Products, Inc.)

CPI-Binani (“CPI”) was acquired by CORE in 2015 and fully integrated shortly thereafter. CPI added Direct Long-Fiber Thermoplastics capability to our portfolio, and greatly expanded our capabilities with thermoplastic materials.

CPI is an innovator and early inventor of introducing long-fiber reinforcements to thermoplastics dynamically at the molding operation, a process known as Direct Long-Fiber Thermoplastics (DLFT). This eliminates the intermediate step of producing flat laminate prepregs, used in the glass mat thermoplastic (GMT) process, and provides improved properties over the use of chopped glass-reinforced thermoplastic pellets. The DLFT process offers lower costs and improved performance over alternatives. Today, we maintain this process capability in Winona, Minnesota (the original location of CPI) and Matamoros, Mexico.

As a result of its important role in the development of DLFT technology, we continue to maintain CPI as a distinctive brand within CORE.

CORE CPI Building

HPI (Horizon Plastics International Inc.)

Horizon Plastics International (“HPI”) was acquired by CORE in 2018 and added the low-pressure injection molding processes of structural foam (“SF”) and structural web (“SW”) to our suite of engineered plastics options.

Teams at HPI have been innovators in the development of processes and tooling that introduce nitrogen gas at various stages of the injection molding cycle to create enhanced material properties. Benefits of the SF and SW processes include reducing weight, improving stiffness, and creating hollow products without secondary processes. HPI maintains one of the widest ranges of press sizes and technical capabilities in the industry, and is one of the very few injection molders to focus exclusively on low pressure gas-assist processes. Currently CORE operates these processes out of two facilities, Cobourg, Canada and Escobedo, Mexico.

As a result of its important role in the low-pressure injection molding industry, we continue to maintain HPI as a distinctive brand within CORE. Additionally, as Horizon Plastics International Inc. remains a separate company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, we continue to use the Horizon Plastics name on many of our commercial documents.

Horizon Plastics International Building
Horizont Plastics International Coburg